7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived at seventh grade, I was the little, scared Josh. I really didn’t know what to expect. What I thought I would “hope” for was no homework and really nice teachers. In reality I was wrong. I had an extreme amount of homework, but my teachers were actually nice (for the first time).

By October I got what to expect on an average weekday, this seventh grade thing might actually work out. Again, I was wrong, I lost all my hope for surviving. By  December, I nearly tried to drop out, and the worst part is that it was only  half way through the year!

I was crying when Christmas Break was coming to an end. after vacation I forgot the reality life, and just drifted into vacation life. I only noticed this by the END OF THIRD QUARTER! From first quarter I had an average for all the classes at 97, now I have a 79. I then snapped out of  this vacation zone. Now it comes to right now, what am I doing, writing this blog. I will do this until 7th grade comes to a final end.

My advice to my fellow future 7th graders, just run as far as you can and never turn back!


Neymar Moving to Barcelona and Bale moving to Real Madrid

Neymar and Bale are both extremely good soccer players, but they really do bug me a whole lot. I like then as individuals, but they just don’t fit we’ll on their new team.

Neymar moving to Barca was the first trade I heard that has ever bothered me. Barcelona is a passing and moving style of soccer. Nyemar goes all out and does crazy tricks. He runs with the ball and does stopovers and crisscross for miles around the field and just gets right back to were he started. I watched the first game with Neymar on Barca and saw absolutely terrifying soccer. Barca was doing there thing, then they pass the ball to Neymar who slows the game and style of Barcelona down about 3x. Although the “Great Neymar” scores a ton of goals he only passes the ball when he has no choice or he is the usual ball hog and tries to beat all the defenders and run 50 yards with the ball. The new Barca coach made a horrible decision, he probably only bought Neymar, because of favoritism. Pep Guardolia would not have made that stupid decision.

Now for Bale. Garett Bale was one of the greatest soccer players ever to play for Tottenham . Notice that I said WAS. Bale is an arrogant, pride-driven, ball hog. For both teams the coaches have made bad decisions. Also notice that Pep Guardolia and José Mariño switched to different teams. Anyways, Bale just runs with the ball on the sideline and attempts to shoot or cross the ball in (he usually fails). Just that same play every game.

Overall, it was not the players mistake, it was the coaches mistake for buying them. Please comment some more bad soccer trades!

The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game

Stepping on the field
This belongs to me
It is where
I am in control

Long before I came here
I have prepared for this day
I reach down
Pluck the grass from the earth
Feel the energy of the moment

Nothing else matters now
It’s only about this
This is the beginning
The beginning of something great

Walk to the centerline
Turn and view the pitch
The others who stand with me
In this battle
Prepared for what is to come

I see the same in them
As I feel
No one else understands
They cannot share this

This is our fight
It is our moment
It is what we know
What we live for

The whistle sounds
Ball advances
It has begun

The Beautiful Game

– Joseph Furdeck

The beautiful game of soccer, is nothing like any other sport. It is a game of not just being physically strong and having skills, it is mostly about being mentally strong. That moment when the ball is yours and you are controlling the game, that 90 minute game, not just any game, the beautiful game. It is the moment when the beautiful game starts, the whistle, the cheering, and the feel inside you. The feeling of the start of the beautiful game.

Challenge Week 5: My Favorite Thing

I couldn’t live without my D.S. It was my best friend and the only entertainment I ever get accept for watching soccer. I thought watching soccer was really boring. I could play all types of games with it. My favorite game is Pokémon Advanced Adventures. When I was allowed to play games and my parents were watching me, I had to play Brain Age or some brain game like that.

I brought my D.S. everywhere I went. on airplane trips I could beat a whole Game in no problem. I was so into my games , I would never feel the turbulence. My D.S. was just too much fun. A kid’s portable dream. I did even dream that I was in a game one time. I was fighting Kirby like in Super Smash Bros. We’ll it wasn’t fun. Kirby’s special attack is to suck you in then spit you out. Well you probably know what happened.

Anyways, there were awesome features like taking pictures, 3D, or even touch screen! When I was eleven, I stopped playing with my D.S. and I just played with my phone. I then gave my D.S. to my neighbor, who is 6. Months later, I checked to see my D.S, but sadly, it was broken in half.

Anyways, me and my D.S. were buddies. Now it’s in a good place, the dumpster!


This is the link to the 3DS trailer.

Week III : My Favorite Quote

“”When I was 5, my mom told me happiness was the key to life. So when I went to school, the teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I said “Happy” she told me I didn’t understand the assignment, then I told her she didn’t understand life.” The words of the wise man Elton John.

The Great Elton John is an amazing singer, song writer, and what I think of him, a wiseman. The quote means that all that matters in your life is being happy, from when you are born, until you die. It relates to my life a lot. When times are bad and I am feeling low, I think of this quote. It can make me happy, because that is the main reason you are alive. To do something and be happy about it. Why do you want to become such a great person, but be upset in your life.

I did not think of Elton John as a great man until I heard this quote. It makes me think of happiness and it pushes me through long school days.

Week II : My Favorite Place in Austin

The bouncy trampoline cushions you as you carelessly fall for no reason. Bounce bounce bounce, just bouncing everywhere, at the trampoline kindom… The one and only… Jump Street.

If you ever visit Austin, Texas, you must go to Jump Street. This is a kid’s wonderland. It’s pretty much a huge facility with tons of trampolines/bouncehouses. There is also a super awesome maze of walls. In the maze of walls, they make you go through these curtains, sometimes there is a open space and sometimes there is a wall. My advice, feel your way through so you don’t slam your face in to the walls. I learned that the hard way.

There is also a bull ride. This is my personal favorite part of Jump Street. You get on the bull ask what level you want to try and that’s it. I went on extreme mode and got the high score of 3.2 seconds. Well now you know how hard it is to stay on. You must know it is also very dangerous. I nearly broke my foot, because my foot got stuck under the bull while I fell. But that’s the fun part.

The trampoline-dodgeball-room-of-awesomeness. It’s pretty much a big room with separated trampoline floors and a lot of rock solid dodge balls. This is my second favorite part of Jump Street. Safety Tips include: try not to get hit with the dodgeballs, they hurt like rocks. Do not try to jump high. If you jump high you will get it and get slammed in to the glass walls. I once got a bloody nose doing that. Never hide in a corner, if you hide in a corner the older people will team up and throw at the same time so you can’t escape. I have been pelted in the face, stomach, and shins doing that. Remember to always sneak up on people and pelt the dodge balls as hard as you can in to the other team’s faces.

The trampoline room. This room is just a bunch of the bounciest and softest trampolines ever. So don’t worry about getting hurt, because you will anyways. You can do anything here as simple as jumping to as extreme as doing a wall flip against the wall, then do a backflip, and then a three-sixty spin. Then you fall on your arm and break, this will most likely happen.

The foam squares of softness. The foam square pit is a huge pit where you can just fall in. You can choose between three ways to jump in. First, you can just jump in, second, you can do the rope swing, and third use the mini trampoline to do an epic stunt. You don’t worry about having to get hurt on this room, because you won’t. How could you possibly get hurt.

This sums Jump Street up, but there are about 5 more rooms you can go in to, to bounce, jump, or ride. Just remember you have to go here if you visit Austin, Texas. You will get hurt.

The Phantom’s Lair


The cold blood drips from the ceiling to a rock next to me. “Don’t worry about the blood.” The Phantom says trying to make me feel comfortable. The cave is eerie from it’s air to even the little pebble at my feet. The cave is just lit from it’s couple of candles, only lighting a corner of it. With every step you can hear a. Crack Crack. From the bones of the people we once knew.

As I sit down on the rock, I could see the bodies of the Phantom’s victims, worrying I would be next. The rock is cold to it’s touch not having a feeling to it. Nothing has a feeling here. The only feeling is the dark despair. The smell fills my nose, not a pleasant smell though. As if rot and decay is sitting right next to me .You could see the rusty brown organ surrounded a shrewd of dust and stalagmites growing from the top of the pipes from the organ.

“If you feel something at your feet, they are my minions, only a tarantula or scorpion, don’t be afraid.” He says approaching me scarily. Right now that’s the only thing I could feel.

Afraid. Have I felt beyond afraid?

Dragon Ball Z Series

If you have never watched the Dragon Ball series, you haven’t yet lived life. If you are wandering what it is, it is the coolest most ridiculous and incredible anime series ever.

These guys with some weird names like Goku or Vegeta, are saiyans. Saiyans is an extremely powerful race of people with extraordinary power. Goku was sent to Earth as a infant. A man finds him on a hike and takes him home. He raises him until he was about 12. Until he dies. Goku lived on by himself, but eventually finds a wife and has a kid. He and his son, Gohan, love to fight. They have know idea they are saiyans, until one day a man named Radditz comes and tries to recruit Goku to his home town of saiyans to fight. Goku, clueless decides not too. Radditz becomes angery and fights Goku.

A Namekian named Picollo his Allie helps him fight. Goku eventually dies with Raditz from Picollo’s blast.

He then gets trained in heaven by a great master named Kaio. In the time he is trained, Picollo trains Gohan.
When Goku gets revived by the dragon balls, he fights many other saiyans that come to Earth. Eventually after a ruthless battle against the saiyans, he becomes allies with one of the saiyans, Vegeta.

He then goes on to fight many other terrible monsters like, Freeza, Cell, and Turles. Those are just some names.

I am such a huge Dragon Ball fan, I could write a book about the series with every little detail from memory.

I am very convinced that I am also a saiyan.

To be continued…

Ways To Get out of Trouble by Your Parents

Do you always get in trouble? Now I can fix that. Not that you don’t get in trouble, how to get out of trouble.

If you get in trouble by lying, you could look them in the eyes and say, “what about The Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny. And you call me a liar.”

If you get caught by doing something that your parents told you not to do. Just think of a reason they did something wrong and tell them. “What about the time your mom told you not to go to the river and you did and almost drowned. What about that?”

Last but not least. Say you get in trouble at your friends house and you have to go home. Especially to your least strict parent, tell them that you aren’t really associated with this mess, you didn’t want to look embarrassed so you went on with the plan, but just only tagged behind them. When I got in to trouble, I told my mom I had nothing to do with this and blamed 99% of the stuff on my friend.

Those are just some ways to get out of trouble. But never, ever, ever, think that this will always work, because my parents are very strict and I told them that. It actually worked. If you don’t have a strict parent, take my advice.

Why I Hate School Peprallies

Peprallies are absolutely horrible. I know people think that it’s cool because you skip class. Not at all, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t care less about learning. But learning is still better than sitting in a gym listening to music, watching cheerleaders, and be forced to listen to the horrid speeches. Worst of all, the 1 hour and 30 minutes you sit on a back breaking bench.

The benches are just terrible. If I sat there for 2 hours, my back, neck, and butt will hurt for a long time.

Even the speeches don’t get to my brain. “What I want for Westridge Middle School is peace, peace is great….” A spokes kid would say. That is as boring as heck.

I am in the band and even I would say we aren’t good either. The songs we play for the school is only 10% skill of what we actually play. Where’s the school spirit in that.

The cheerleaders are even worst then the band. The cheerleader just shout chants, clap their hands, and smile. The smile really disappoints me though. Behind that smile is a huge frown and someone saying ” this is embarrassing.” If you look at the B team squad, they don’t to much, I think I could probably do that.

Whoever made Peprallies for our school made the wrong choice. We should rebel!